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punQtum Beltpack

PUNQTUM is a new brand, led by a group of experienced audio professionals, who’s mission is to enable and manage state-of-the-art communications on and off-stage, in broadcasting and at large scale events.


Momentum was tasked with designing the company’s initial line of components and with it, establishing a distinguished look and feel for the brand’s products. Simplicity, accessibility and a no-nonsense “you see is what you get” attitude are at the core of the PUNQTUM DNA. This is what we strived for in our industrial and UX design. For example, the «Beltpack» device uses simple, yet ergonomic geometries. It is easy to hold and to be used with one hand. The top surface is angled, in order to help screen visibility and interaction. The housing itself combines softness with precision. The result is quite iconic in its appearance: Compact, robust and straight to the point, it is a tool for the Pros.